“Behind every great man is a woman with blood on her hands.”


share a coke with your own crippling sense of loneliness and inability to be mentally present in the real world


always say thank you to the bus driver and the crossing guard and the cashier and the person holding the door for you this is crucial

I think you, Tom, and I make a pretty good team.

“…There’s a fire” — Robert doesn’t often make me laugh but oh my days (via snilythegoose)

“Lady Edith chose to set fire to her room.” — Mary Crawley (via you-had-me-at-downton)

“Molesley, you look very Latin all of a sudden!” — Robert Crowley, Earl of Grantham (via royalrory)



Downton drinking game: Take a shot whenever someone mentions that “things are changing.”

Also take a shot when someone mention’s Molesley’s hair